Saturday, December 4, 2010

Zombie Outbreak Simulator

I have always wondered how a zombie outbreak would spread.  When I came across the "Zombie Outbreak Simulator" by Kevan Davis I just had to have it for Zack's World!  It is a JAVA applet that models an outbreak in an urban environment.  The simulator starts with a single infected human (green) amongst 4000 normal humans (purple).
It's fascinating to watch as Zack infects and infests every accessible space.
If the simulation stops it means there are no humans left or the humans successfully killed off the infected.
Clicking on the simulation will let you restart or change the city by:

  • Pressing space to uninfect all but one zombie.
  • Pressing 'z' to draw and populate a new city.
  • Pressing 'p' to toggle complete panic.
  • Pressing 's' to alter the simulation speed.
The simulator was written by Kevan Davis with Fight/Flight code and other additions by Matt Cordes.
Click here for Kevan Davis' original version.  More information on what is happening is available here.