Have a Story to Tell?

If you have a story to tell about life in Zack's World  why not consider submitting it for posting so others can read it too?
Plus I'll give you a nice, crisp, Canadian $5 dollar bill for your trouble, if we accept it for posting.
Here are some guidelines for submitting your tale to Life in Zack's World.
The Zombie Apocalypse has come.  Men, women, children from all walks of life are trapped in a world where the walking dead rule.
Stories should take place in the world of Max Brooks' iconic novel, WORLD WAR Z.  In WWZ the stories are told after the war is over.  They are survivor interviews which focus on the bigger picture: reactions by governments and corporations to the growing menace, movements of millions of people toward the hope of a safe haven, all told through personal remembrance.

But what about the folks fighting alone? The small groups struggling out of an overrun city, or those for whom the war has been a distant menace until some fateful turn of events? In the midst of chaos, ordinary people still lived and loved and hoped, planted their crops or organized their defense. Those small stories are out there and they need to be shared too.
Not all stories need to be from survivors, and they certainly don't need to have happy endings. Maybe they are only records of the events, personal journals, final communications, email records, news reports etc.
Here is the WWZ timeline for reference.
If you can tell one of those small stories set in a Brooks-like milieu in 3000 words or less,  and are willing to see it on Life in Zack's World for a minimum of one month, for a one-time payment of a  single Canadian $5  Bill, submit a plain text document in standard manuscript format to the email below.  We'll try to get back to you within 30 days. 

While we prefer stories less than 3000 words, a truly stellar story that's longer may be considered for serialization ( but you'll still only be paid five bucks).
We prefer new stuff but query for reprints.
Submit your story to:
gryphons2011 at gmail.com