Friday, October 16, 2009

Phalanx Hearings Evidence File #62485:

Sent text messages recovered from Blackberry found in deserted home of Phalanx executive #17

Transcript by JEB

You okay? Heard phones down over there.

Glad your heading to safety. Kiss my nephew n keep him safe.

Not leaving yet. Tim not back. No word since last night. Killing me with worry. Besides, whole family had shots. We’ll be okay. TC.

So excited. Tim just txtd. Coming home via Morocco. Mobs at airport. His flight nearly last plane out.

Old folks worrying for cows. Glad Tim is coming. He will have a plan.

Heading to airport now. Two checkpoints so far. Guards say safe zones precaution only. Still glad your in one now.

Tim looks awful. Says Africa was overrun. Barely got out in one piece. Good thing we’re in good old NA. Can’t happen here between vaccine program n local militias.

Six checkpoints coming back. Guards all cranky, dogs lunging at car. Shades of Abu Ghraib. Be good to reach farm. Tim needs rest.

Sorry camp accommodations so cramped. Keep chin up. Not long til your area is safe again. Putting extra milk in freezer for you in case of shortages.

Yes, can keep you half a beef too. Poor Tim gone through such horror to get home and own dog snarled at him.

Dog’s just edgy, was in fight yesterday. Can dogs get Z-bit by each other? Can you ask somebody there?

Tx re dog. Must be picking up our worry. Got to make a plan asap. Tim needs nap first. Really jet-lagged.

Tim’s dad heard they make you pay to get into safe camp. True?

Tx re pay. Tim really a wreck. Ruined his leather jacket in airport mob, shoulder all scraped from fight to reach plane. Major disinfecting because you never know in Africa, esp now.

They’re cutting off your tv news? More military over-reaction. Sorry, nothing for sure on supper news. Better you stay put for now.

Local radio says evac. Stream of cars already. Tim taking us to company’s refuge after supper. What should I pack?

Tx re list. Hadn’t thought paper prescriptions altho since we’re going to a drug company compound… First thing there will get Tim seen by staff dr as he must have picked up a bug in Africa.

Yes he has a fever. Why?


Maybe true for govt refuges but Tim went to Af for work. The Co will look after him. Maybe it’s malaria.

Tx for nothing. Tim won’t go if even a chance he’ll hold up our getting in. Wants me to leave him here alone to look after livestock when he can hardly stand up.

Still here over Tim’s protests. Sent old folks on ahead. Company asshole said Tim can come tomorrow if fever breaks. So quiet around here now dog gone.

Sorry no news. Curfew has tv off air. Will pass on anything I hear.

Help! Tim raving with fever. Thinks he’s turning into THEM despite vaccine. Asked for medi-evac from Co but no idea when.

Tx asprin might be helping. Tim asleep at last. Co jerk says not safe for chopper til morning. Long night ahead, not even radio now.

Tim sleeping so hard he’s barely breathing. Wish I had phoned an emerg med line since Co no help, but no phones now. Wonder text still works.

Co jerk not answernig texts. I’ll sue the bloody Co, I swear. Need a nap but afraid he’ll die before help arrives.

Your prob asleep but I feel so alone. No house lights for miles. Love you.

End of messages.

End Text Evidence file.

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