Saturday, May 14, 2011

Emergency tool

Interesting bit of kit.
Wouldn't want it to be my primary tool/weapon, but as a backup in a pinch it would be better than a simple claw hammer
From Gizmodo...

The Crovel Is the Only Multi-Tool Shovel You’ll Ever Need

The Crovel Is the Only Multi-Tool Shovel You'll Ever Need

Like the Chinese military shovel before it, the Crovel is a multi-tool shovel that doubles as an axe, triples as a crowbar, quadruples as a hammer, and does even more. Bottle opener? Check. Saw? Come on, of course. Paracord grip? Uh, duh. The Crove88l has thirteen different tools jam packed in its sexy body and each is more menacing than the next.

I'm a fiend for Swiss Army knives and multi-tool Leathermans but there's no way in hell my bite sized, blunt  knife, toothpick carrying, usb holding, might as well be a children's toy, multi-tool can hold a candle to the Crovel. I'm not worthy. $85

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